Welcome to mikrogeo.com, a web site to preserve my science/nature powerpoint presentations emphasizing photomicroscopy. These were slides used to illustrate past lectures in geology and biology. Some are original research. For more info please email me at baker@mikrogeo.com

1)Yellowstone Geology & Petrography

2) Sarasota, Florida Plankton

3) Vertebrate Paleontology of Manatee & Sarasota, Florida

4) Introduction to Invertebrate Zoology

5) Cycads - Dinosaur Food

5a) Other Gymnosperm Biology

5b) Magnolia biology

5c) Oak tree biology  

5d) Photosynthesis

5e) Flowers: Angiosperm Reproduction

5e-2) Flowers: part II

5f) Leaves


5g) 1-Roots & Stems of Angiosperms ROOTS

5g) 2-Roots & Stems of Angiosperms STEMS

5h) Mosses, Ferns and their allies:early land plants

6) Microfossils of the Pliocene Tamiami (Pinecrest Beds) Formation, Florida

7a) Bone Histology

7b)Connective Tissue - other than bone

7c) Epithelium

8) A student guide to Shallow Water Foraminifera of South Florida

9) Alligator mississippiensis (Emphasis on Alligator Skull Anatomy - 3DCT & Radiographs)

10) New Jersey Petrography: NJ's rocks through the microscope

11) Corals & Bryozoa of the Tamiami Formation of Florida

12) Embryology

13) Bermuda Foraminifera & Ostracods

14) Late Cretaceous microfossils of the Navesink Formation of New Jersey

15) Lower Devonian Microfossils (New Scotland) of New Jersey

16) Paleocene (Vincentown) Microfossils of New Jersey

17) Precambrian Microfossils of the Gunflint Chert

18) Microfossils of the Late Eocene of Jamaica

18b) Okinawa 'star sand' foraminifera

19) Brachiopod Anatomy

20) Molluscan Morphology

21) Mississippi Delta - Salt Marsh Foraminifera

22) Pleistocene Microfossils of the Fort Thompson Formation, Florida

23) Deep Sea Cores & Their Microfossils

24) Radiolaria & Calcareous Nannofossils of Deep Sea Cores

25) Mines & Quarries - extracting Earth's economic wealth

26) Ordovician Graptolites, Conodonts & Chitinozoa

27) Glaciers

28) Hawaiian Volcano Geology & Petrography

29) Fresh Water Microscopic Pond Life, Sarasota, Florida  (note: for Pond Life, 39 videos are available through YouTube)

30) Globigerinoides sacculifer  ( planktonic foraminifera ) and its gametogenic response to favorable surface water productivity

31)  Pequannock Township Geology (1991 book)

31a) Contributions to the Paleontology of NJ I GANJ XII JEB Baker 1995

 32) Pleistocene Bermont Formation Microfossils of South Florida

33) Human Skin Histology


 34) Anatomy & Histology of the Special Senses


35) Histology & Anatomy of the Circulatory System


35-a) Blood, Lymphatic System & Immunity 

36) Histology & Anatomy of the Urinary System


37) Histology & Anatomy of the Digestive System


38) Histology & Anatomy of the Respiratory System


39) Histology of the Nervous System


40) Histology of the Endocrine System

41) Microfossils of the Early Miocene Chipola Formation of Florida

42) Roatan, Honduras: U/W Photography of Barrier Reef

42a) SCUBA: U/W Photos Cozumel, Roatan, Belize 2013

42b) SCUBA 1989-91 Cancun Underwater Photographs

42c) SCUBA Dive 2015 U/W Photographs

42d) ARUBA DIVES, Dec. 2017

 43) Foraminifera from the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef: Roatan, Honduras

 44) Larger Foraminifera from the Late Eocene (up. Ocala Limestone) of Fl.

45) My hip replacement

46) Citrus Botany - my key lime tree 

47) Coal

48) Aruba Foraminifera

49) Anatomy of the Lamprey and its larva (Ammocoetes)

50) Vertebrate Skin - functional anatomy & histology

51) Protochordates - Amphioxus & other non-vertebrate ancestors

52) Histology of Muscle

53) Histology illustrations

54a) The CELL: structure and division

54b) DNA & Protein Synthesis

54c) Cellular Respiration

55a) Vertebrate Anatomy:1a-the fishes

55b) Vertebrate Anatomy:1b- Tetrapods: Amphibians, Reptiles & Birds

55c) Vertebrate Anatomy: 2- Mammals

55d) Birds

55e) African-Eurasian Mammals

56) Spiders

57) Millepora: Caribbean 'Fire "Corals"'

58) Minerals and Rocks: an Introduction

59) ARIZONA 2016; Sedona, Tucson, Desert life, Meteor Crater, Petrified Forest, Painted Desert, Sunset Crater

59a) Petrified Forest NP : Geology & Paleontology

59c) Grand Canyon 2017 & 1973

59d) Granite Dells, Prescott, AZ: the Granite

59e) Petroglyphs of Saguaro NP, Tucson, AZ: the Geology & Petrography

59b) San Francisco Volcanic Field: Sunset Crater: Geology & Petrography

60) Damselflies, Dragonflies: the ODONATA

61) Solar System Images